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Rape! Rape! Rape!
Ano Ko o Raaaapeee!!!
19th-Mar-2009 03:27 am - New bag!

I bought a kickass new bag today! I think its called a T-shirt bag? I forgot LOL. And I did some grilling and steamboating at Seoul Garden too. My eyes still sting from the smoke D:

The bow is optional!

I need to get myself a camera..


15th-Mar-2009 02:49 am(no subject)
I am disgusted by the amount of rude people I have met today.
28th-Feb-2009 05:42 pm - ASJFHASKJGHKAsdg

WOOT! I passed my JLPT 3 !!! I thought I would've failed HAHAHAHA

My score is quite shitty though.. But what the heck! I passed and thats great LOL

Writing-Vocabulary 68/100

Listening 87/100 < I'm surprised that I managed to score that high XD Always choose "C" !

Reading-Grammar 114/200

TOTAL 269/400

YAY. I should buy something to celebrate!

26th-Feb-2009 04:17 pm(no subject)
Should I create a facebook account? .. But I don't think I'll be bothered to maintain it XD
26th-Dec-2008 02:47 am - oh...
A few days ago.. I went out with captain_reen for shopping! I bought an awesome hat and belt and now I'm left with 4 dollars HAHAHAHAHA! But its ok~ I just have to draw money from the ATM XD

I received 2 CDs in my letterbox today.. But I can't seem to be able listen to them because my PC doesn't read my CD Drive?! Ah~ What shall I do? D: I hope I don't have to purchase a new CD Drive..

22nd-Dec-2008 04:58 am - WHY BABY, WHY!!!
I'm sorry I've been neglecting my friends page...

I am so addicted to 1 Night 2 Days that I keep forgetting to check my friends page LOL. But I've finished catching up on all the previous episodes so I'm more free to check my friends page? XD As I only need to watch it twice a week on tv now HAHAHAHA.


EEL BAK.... EE EEL!!!!

7th-Dec-2008 02:29 am - JLPT 3

Ah~ I've just finished my awesome last minute studying XD

My JLPT 3 is tomorrow and I think i have a 60% chance of failing LOL But its ok if I fail HAHAHAHAHA.


EDIT - Okay.. I just got back from my exam... I hate part 3 of the exam and Tadashii & Tadashikunai D: Now I think i have an 80% chance of failing it XDD

25th-Nov-2008 04:01 am - BUAY TAHAN . LOL
Er. Yes I'm back.... And I cannot stand this bad stomach cramp that I can't go to sleep. D: But I shall try to go to sleep now. Gotta stop thinking LOL
16th-Nov-2008 10:08 pm - Let's Indonesia!
So I'm going to Puncak, Indonesia tomorrow for a short vacation.. YA----Y~~~~~~~! And this morning I received a strange mail on my phone which I thought was related to my flight tomorrow LOL.

Anyway it says.. "All AF pax departing AU today or tomorrow have been rerouted Ssc service desk is reissuing tickets to reduce work at airports" what the fuck HAHAHA.

And it's from a foreign number.... I need to get a new camera too CAPTAIN. XD

I'm replaying Shobon no Action to pass time now too.. Has anyone played that? Its been a long time since I played Shobon no Action so I kinda forgot what I should be doing LOL.

EDIT : Yeah... and I'm stuck at the interval between Stage 2 and 3 HAHAHA Damn you BALL ATTACK!

13th-Nov-2008 01:04 am - lalala
I'm so sad and pissed. Where is CAPTAIN??! LOL
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